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Welcome to the MGA Living Office, located in the heart of the Houston Heights, right off the Heights Hike and Bike Trail. We've reimagined the accounting services workplace to better serve our team members and clients through a new approach to design, technology, innovation, location, and more.

Open Concept Work Environment

The modern workplace is about teams and collaboration. Our open office plan promotes communication and creativity. It enables us to not only get our jobs done but also enjoy what we do.

No Private Offices

At MGA, we have a true open-door policy. All offices and conference rooms were designed with that in mind and have glass walls rather than sheetrock to create an open and collaborative feel.

Various Collaborative Spaces

We have several spaces for innovative brainstorming to take place—either as a team or individually. These areas all offer variety and can be used for “alone” time, various-sized group discussions, client meetings, and more.

MGA Break Room

The MGA break room is where you'll find our beloved espresso machine, our fun jukebox, and where we gather for team lunches. It was designed with flexibility in mind and doubles as an ample training space when needed.

Tech-Savvy Features

Each room is equipped with appropriate technology, as well as glass walls that can double as whiteboard surfaces. We also utilize interactive scheduling tools for meeting rooms, with tablets stationed in each area to book the space.

Live-Work-Play Environment

Work/life balance is a top priority, and mixed-use developments offer employees much more than a stuffy corporate office located in a high-rise. Outside our doors, you will find fitness studios, self-care offerings, sought-after retail shops, unique dining experiences, and much more.

Vibrant Office Design

Our office is full of bold, bright pops of color, along with local artwork, to keep the space visually appealing and to inspire productivity. We also carefully designed the lighting, ensuring plenty of it to create a positive atmosphere.

Access to Walk/Bike Trails

Another fun perk of our office is that it’s connected to the Heights Hike and Bike Trail, giving us an endless backyard to explore our city. We have team members who jog together after work and others who do morning bike rides from the office and back.

Much, Much More

This has only scratched the surface of the many benefits of the MGA Living Office. We are proud to offer an innovative space in a fantastic location to keep our team members engaged and feeling inspired. Come by and see for yourself!

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